Your Spirit.
Our Performance.

Dynamic. Dependable. Powerful. Edgy.
And always ready for the future.
Not only our cars are like that –
the people at AMG are, too. What spirit
would you bring to the team?


Working where the extraordinary is the norm.

Special products and challenges, a special passion and team culture. At AMG, you quickly
discover why we are one of the most exciting employers you can imagine. Our team spirit
and the drive of each and every team member make working at AMG just as fascinating as
the product we create.


There’s no shoulda, woulda, coulda. We just do it. And we keep pushing boundaries.
Become even more digital, flexible, sustainable, customer-focused. Surprising others and
ourselves. Because today’s extraordinary is already something completely different

Your way into AMG

We don’t need someone who knows how not to do it – we need people who find solutions. People who assume responsibility, want to face up to the challenges of the future, like working in a team, and crave the chance to tackle a diverse range of problems and tasks. Are you that kind of person? Then welcome to AMG.


Our job vacancies

The AMG Spirit

If the current status quo isn’t enough for you. If you want more. Of your own volition. Then AMG is the right place for you. Because together as a team, our emotion and passion drive us to seek perfection. The belief that we can do it, no matter how crazy it sounds. That’s typical AMG. Fancy it? Then find out more.


Our spirit


AMG Karriere Chat

from 5 pm to 7 pm
live for you in the AMG career chat:
Sarina & Michaela from the "Personal & Organisation" department.

We give you the chance to talk with three AMG employees live and online.

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