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Stephanie, Development/Testing, Thermal Management

I'm responsible for the design and development – including series production release – of the thermal management of the engine, transmission, charge air, etc. In other words, I take care of everything that requires active cooling. Thermal management in particular is subject to increasingly demanding requirements. Engines are more and more heavily loaded and give off more and more heat. That also makes the boundary conditions for the cooling system tighter and tighter, and you have to think very carefully about how to manage with the available space and how to channel away all that heat. To do so, we have to push the technical limits time and again. We’re always posing new questions, trying to figure out how to apply and implement new technical developments.

One especially exciting part of my work involves the test drives. These trials always begin with the fact that I equip the car with the cooling system and the suitable measurement technology. This often gets quite stressful till everything works and the car is finally ready for delivery. Then it’s off to the test center in Italy. The test center has the world’s longest circular track, with a diameter of about 4 km. So we drive for 12.6 km in the circle – it’s a good place for test driving to evaluate cooling performance.



At the start of a trial, I run less demanding measurements with low longitudinal and transverse dynamic requirements, in order to become familiar with the vehicle and to check whether the car is built properly or there are coolant losses anywhere. When everything fits, the demanding dynamic topics and journeys with maximum speed come up. That means full-load accelerations to 250 km/h, for example. After that, we brake relatively hard, similar to ABS braking, in order to immediately resume full acceleration. We repeat this over and over till the media temperatures reach steady state.
These test drives put a tremendous burden on the car, the engine and the brakes. But it’s also quite tough on me as the driver. Because you need to have a good feeling for the car. You have to be able to sense and judge whether everything’s right with the car.

Ultimately, we’re incredibly proud that the car we’ve created is something that truly thrills other people. That’s really cool. When I see press releases and can say: “Hey, I helped work on that project, I did such and such.” Or when I see the car somewhere and think: “Ah, that one’s equipped with our coolers.” – You can’t quite describe the feeling exactly. It makes me really proud, and it gives me an incredibly strong sense of satisfaction. We all live for the product. And you can feel it, too. Everyone is totally enthusiastic about what they’re doing. The great cars and the very special sound of the engines make you happy every day. And that enthusiasm also forges bonds.

Mercedes-AMG GT S: combined fuel consumption: 9.6-9.4 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 224-219 g/km [1]


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