A strong team
in all departments

Top performance only works if you have a strong team. Made up of people who do things that are very special. This is an aspiration that drives every person working in every team at Mercedes-AMG. In all areas. Here, everyone pulls in the same direction. Because we know that good teamwork and close collaboration between different departments can be the key to achieving something truly special. It’s also why business functions such as logistics, procurement, production, and quality assurance are such important cornerstones of our company.


Careful planning and tight control over internal and external processes. Here, logistics play a crucial part in keeping all the cogs and wheels running smoothly behind the scenes right until the vehicle rolls into the showroom. Interested in hearing more about the role of logistics at Mercedes-AMG?

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How do you ensure a high-performance brand remains on the upper echelon? By banking on the latest know-how, a passion for technology and motorsports, and the right materials. But also by sharing genuine team spirit. For us, it’s thinking as a team that really counts. While our development team concentrates fully on developing powerful vehicles, our people in procurement ensure that everything they need to get the job done is right where they need it.

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Our tagline – Driving Performance – runs through our veins. And it’s our visions and ideas that take shape in production, powered by plenty of heartfelt passion, empowering us to make each engine unique. We’re never happy until we’re fully satisfied with the outcome. And that’s something you hear, see, and, of course, feel. Can’t wait to hear how we work in Production?

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Quality Assurance

Mercedes-AMG stands for ultimate performance and utmost premium quality. This can be extremely demanding when it comes to the processes and to the finished car. It’s also why in quality assurance, we don’t just strive to create the perfect car – we feel personally responsible for continuously enhancing and optimizing every single process, if necessary from scratch. So that the vehicle that rolls out of production not only meets our demanding expectations, but – more importantly – those of our customers.

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“I know this is the right place for me because we have the most beautiful stars here.”
Sabrina, AMG Operations
“The thing that makes AMG special is that there’s only one signature on the key part, but everyone’s still so proud.”
Johann, AMG Operations
“The working day at AMG is 100% adrenalin.”
Andreas, AMG Operations
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