Procurement – a key component
of inspiring vehicles

When you’re dealing with a high-performance brand, every cog has to fit neatly together. Ultimately, you only achieve the best results when everyone pulls in the same direction. For a great idea to become one of our emotion-inspiring vehicles, first and foremost you need the right components. And a business unit to take care of it.

In Procurement, we’re responsible for exactly that. We ensure that all required components are ready for production quickly and on time. Responsibility for the overall AMG purchasing strategy also falls into our area. It’s a delicate balancing act between buying in all the required components and achieving cost objectives. The tasks we work on are extremely diverse in nature and change all the time.

Our work includes

  • The AMG commodity strategy
  • Tracking awarded contracts
  • Purchasing all specific AMG components
  • Compliance with cost targets
  • Project management
  • Negotiating with AMG suppliers
  • Acting as commercial partners to the competence teams
  • Contract roadmaps and reports
  • Cost optimization
  • The Mercedes-AMG procurement strategy

In Procurement, you lay a foundation for producing the cars of many people’s dreams! But you’re not just responsible for purchasing. You also get to negotiate with our suppliers. You manage projects. And you ensure that the entire purchasing process conforms with defined cost targets. Sound exciting? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

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