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We keep working on our cars until everything is perfect

One thing everyone has in common at our company is an ambition to achieve perfection. We ask ourselves what else we can do to go the extra mile in technical terms. And how emerging technology can be applied and introduced to our cars. This is something our entire development department works on – every day. From developing entire vehicles – from start to finish – to coming up with different vehicle functions.

The overall vehicle

As an OEM, at Mercedes-AMG everything comes from a single source. It’s why a lot of things happen quickly here – without having to go through others. This agility is particularly important in development. Like when you’re developing the overall vehicle. There’s no time for inflexible processes. We’re always on the move – from the Construction and Body area to Interior and Exterior, electronic components, and driving dynamics. We’re never happy when things aren’t moving forward. And we’re still a long way from translating all our ideas into reality. Interested in finding out more about developing entire vehicles – and all the other things this involves?

Key areas:
  • Construction and Body
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Electrics & Electronics
  • Driving Dynamics
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The powertrain – conventional, hybrid, 100% electric

Typical for Mercedes-AMG? We always want the best outcome. Today and in the future. This is particularly true for the technology that lies at the heart of our vehicles: the powertrain. For us, it’s perfect interplay that matters – between each and every element of the drivetrain. Working together in harmony, they deliver high torque and, above all, efficient drive. It doesn’t matter whether it involves conventional, hybrid, or purely electric engines. Our aim is always the same: to create drives that deliver an experience behind the wheel that only we can offer. And we still have so much to do. For example, on our AMG electric car platform. Which is allowing us to lay a foundation today for drivechains that are fit for the future. And you can work directly on this development with us.

Key areas:
  • Conventional drivetrain systems
  • E PERFORMANCE (P3 hybrid)
  • Purely electric drivechains
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Vehicle functions

If you’ve ever driven an AMG, you’ll know that it’s nothing to keep quiet about. On the contrary: The sound of our engines is unmistakable and highly distinctive. And that will remain the case in the future. For example, our completely new sound experience for all-electric vehicles will give you goosebumps. We have the perfect sound to match all of our vehicles. It’s precisely what makes our high-performance vehicles what they are. An integral part of their character. So we also strive to achieve perfect harmony when it comes to different vehicle functions – the interplay between acoustics, noise vibration harness (NVH), and aerodynamics – turning individual components into an unforgettable driving experience.

Key areas:
  • Acoustics, NVH, aerodynamics
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“The AMG spirit is about perfection, performance, and an ambition to create the best thing on four wheels.”
Michael, Development: Body Shop
“The thing that makes AMG special is the passion to keep setting one automotive industry milestone after another.”
Christian, Development: Overall Vehicle
“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about AMG is vehicle technology at its very best – made in Southwest Germany .”
Development: Drivetrain
“I know this is the right place for me because it’s here that new boundaries are set for physics.”
Stefan, Development: Overall Vehicle
“I know this is the right place for me because it feels like being in pole position!”
Mark, Design
“I’m passionate about working as an engineer at AMG because we develop technically sophisticated products, couple them with ultimate emotion, and offer this to our totally delighted customers.”
Bertram, Development: Drivetrain
“I know this is the right place for me because as a team, we’re powering ahead with the same momentum as our cars.”
Annika, Development: AMG Derivatives
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