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The AMG drivetrain:
power that's bursting
with emotional appeal

Amazing acceleration and maximum driving power are a defining feature of our sports cars. They also transform the driving performance of the car into something special – a driving experience you only get with an AMG. That feeling behind the wheel is made possible by ensuring every cog and component in the drivetrain works in perfect unison. From the clutch to the transmission unit and the drive shaft. That said, for us an amazing driving experience is not just about conventional drive systems, but goes to the next level with our performance hybrids and purely electric vehicles.

We believe that our driving experience can be completely re-interpreted. That's why we are particularly excited about developing unique electric drive models and electric components for our high-performance vehicles and sports cars.

Conventional Conventional drives


The conventional AMG drivechain injects emotion into cars and is incredibly powerful. Thanks to plenty of torque, sheer power, and the characteristic sound. It’s also what makes our vehicles so fascinating and unique as high-performance vehicles in the first place. A lot of our heart and soul goes into developing, designing, and building these engines. Which is something we’re very proud of.

Combustion engines

AMG engines are the life and blood of our sports cars and high-performance vehicles. They’re about power and a disproportionate boost in performance. Which means maximum thrust, the moment you need it. Perfecting this power is what motivates every member of the team. It’s also reflected in a long string of innovations and technologies developed by our company and introduced to the market. Such as the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine.
None of this is possible without a strong team, one that relentlessly pursues the same big goal and identifies closely with the product. At Mercedes-AMG, this spirit runs through our veins every day.


The transmission unit is the soul of an AMG. It has a direct influence on the driving experience and generates the right dynamics. Making it a unique AMG experience. We work closely on the vehicle, shaping the driving experience by providing it with the right applications. We also come up with some real innovations. Such as the MCT transmission, which is only offered by Mercedes-AMG.
It’s difficult to describe that special feeling you get behind the wheel. But you know it when you feel it – with every gear shift and acceleration. A feeling only we can offer.



Combining the power of two types of drivechain systems offers ultimate flexibility. For us, standing still is not an option. Which is why we will not just be focusing on conventional drivechains in the future, but increasingly also on electric drivechain solutions. And we plan to reinterpret the familiar drivetrain system. For example, with a hybrid powertrain with P3 EDU on the rear axle. To add even more to the driving performance and create powerful driving dynamics that are also amazingly efficient. One of our main goals: A unique interplay between both drivechain systems. This will allow us to raise performance, driving dynamics, and efficiency to unprecedented levels. With no detrimental effect on the classic feeling of driving an AMG.

High-performance batteries

The batteries in our sports cars are subjected to extreme conditions. As key drive components, they’re designed to make it possible to deal with enormous rates of acceleration and operate under maximum power. Which is why the concept behind our batteries is inspired by Formula 1 racing. Designed to charge and discharge quickly, with direct cooling for each individual cell, to deliver a spectacular driving experience. Furnishing the high-performance batteries in our sports cars with extraordinary power for that unmistakable AMG driving experience.

Electric drive units (P3-EDU)

We keep pace with future developments and will not accept standing still. Which is why we think extremely carefully about how to develop and redevelop our drivechain systems. For our electric drive unit, we have designed an electric drive system for a new era of driving. By allowing our vehicles to combine the thrill of engine power with high-performance engineering to create the emotional AMG driving experience. Except that it’s also electric.

Purely electric Purely electric drivechains


100% electric drivechain systems offer huge potential for the future of vehicles. Which presents us with the major challenge of capturing the true performance and emotionality of AMG in an electric drive. But we’re making it happen. And showing that you can also enjoy our unique driving experience with a purely electric drive. Every day, we are motivated by our ambition to take this to the next level and make it even more intensive.

Electric drivechains

We are leaving the status quo behind us. Because our future will increasingly be electric. With models like the Mercedes-AMG EQS, we’ve already taken the first step into a more electric age at Mercedes-AMG. And this journey will take us ever farther. Our performance vehicles and sports cars thrive on captivating engine power. We are reinterpreting what fuels that power. Because our electric powertrain puts maximum power on the road. Making a clear statement: In an AMG vehicle, high performance is also possible with a completely electric engine.


Maximum driving pleasure. 100% genuine AMG driving experience. 100% electric. Like our Mercedes-AMG EQS. The combination of adapted battery management and two powerful electric engines delivers an exhilarating driving experience that only AMG can offer. And we’re still a long way from exploring every possibility. At AMG, you’re directly involved in the development and design of new drivechain components. Not only do you get to experience the future of our electric vehicles first-hand – more importantly, you also help shape it.

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