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The driving experience depends closely on highly complex software. After all, it’s software that makes those moments of engine performance possible in the first place. Turning bits and bytes into an awe-inspiring experience behind the wheel. Software is a challenge that will remain with us in the future. So we’ve resolved to tackle it our way by writing code from the very beginning.

Create software solutions Create software solutions for the next generation with us

for the next generation with us

We drive software development. And create software that delivers driving performance and a unique user experience. Here, you get to develop electronic control units (ECUs). Whether they’re needed to control electric engines, inverters, batteries, or active aerodynamics. Only when all software components work in perfect harmony do they deliver that amazing driving experience you get from an AMG vehicle.

But we don't just want to develop new technology. We want to shape the future. To seize each change as it comes. And to go on this journey with people who make things happen. People who can’t wait to join us on this thrilling adventure. With a burning desire to be a part of the solution. And to collaborate in creating software like our TRACK PACE app, Race Start, active aerodynamics, and AMG battery management.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this thing done together and shape the future. Design, define, and develop awesome software with us – today and moving forward. 

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