I AM Grounded

“We build the most powerful vehicles because they’re the most emotional.”


Philip, Group Leader Development Workshop

Philip could recount quite a few stories from his many years at AMG. Like how his first day on the job turned into an impromptu 3-day test drive. But he much prefers to talk about the here, the now and the assignments of the future.


The performance of the future. The fascination of gasoline and the fascination of e-mobility. All this spurs him on. And makes every day as exciting as his first.


Philip’s Spirit.
Our Performance.


More about the right amount of craziness, about personal freedom and responsibility, and the unique feeling of mobile power.

Your Spirit. Our Performance.

Do you also want to shape the future instead of being hindered elsewhere? Then come and join us.


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Development and design


I know it can be better, it’s not good enough.

Your way in / Your start at AMG


We’re the fastest family in the world.

The AMG Spirit


What holds us together, drives us forward, and makes us push boundaries.


AMG Karriere Chat

from 5 pm to 7 pm
live for you in the AMG career chat:
Sarina & Michaela from the "Personal & Organisation" department.

We give you the chance to talk with three AMG employees live and online.

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