Family benefits

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For us, reconciling the challenges of running a family and pursuing a career is not just about flexible working arrangements. We go the extra mile and ensure that for AMG, not only are your personal needs the top priority, but so too are the needs of your family. To do this, we offer a variety of childcare options, from school vacation programs to places in a childcare facility.

Childcare options

The certainty and freedom you need to plan properly

We make it easier for you to plan your days and weeks with certainty. For you, this offers the best possible opportunity to strike a happy medium between family life and your time at the company. For us, this also entails taking good care of your children. The childcare center in nearby Affalterbach comprises two facilities, with places reserved exclusively for Mercedes-AMG staff to make it easier for you to find daycare for your little ones.

The parent-child office

Even more flexibility at work

Juggling children and a career can be extremely challenging. With us, you’re not forced to make an either/or decision. In addition to offering you flexible working hours or the option to work from home, under certain circumstances you may also bring your child to the office. Our parent-child office is more than a workplace. To ensure your child feels comfortable in the office with you, we offer plenty of things to do and infant changing facilities.

Cooperation with voiio

Balancing work and private life

On the voiio online platform, there is a wide range of offers for the entire family for more compatibility in everyday life. The voiio offerings include learning support for all ages, childcare, family activities, advisory services, webinars, health courses, and much more.

Job sharing

One job, two people

Wish you had more time with your family – and want to reconcile personal priorities with your career? Entirely possible with the right job-sharing arrangements. As a manager, at AMG you’re given the opportunity to share your job with a colleague. Together, you decide who is responsible for which tasks – so you can divide up the role between you.

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