Flexible working arrangements

A different approach to the world of work

Never standing still, always moving forward. Something that’s hot-wired into our DNA at AMG. And something you feel the moment you start with us. We continuously adapt to new situations. And we’re just as flexible when it comes to working arrangements.

Whether you occasionally need to finish early or simply prefer to work from home. That’s fine by us. Because we offer a number of flexible working models:

Remote work

Work where you want to

Remote work options are becoming increasingly important. Which is why we’re also flexible when it comes to working from home. Simply discuss with your team, think about the tasks you’re working on, and then you can decide where best to carry out your work.

In addition, mobile working from other European countries is possible for 20 working days a year.

Part-time work at AMG

More time for yourself

Want to achieve an even better balance between your working hours and your private life?
Allow us to make this possible for you. With our flextime models, for example.

Our model of flexible working hours

Work when you want to

With us, not only do you have a say in where you work, but also when. In close coordination with your team, you can adopt a more flexible approach to working hours – also allowing you to strike the right balance between your working life and your private life. And if you do need to put in extra hours every now and again, simply total up the hours and take a break some other time.

Sabbaticals at Mercedes-AMG

Extended time off work

There are a number of reasons why people choose to take a longer period of time off work. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend time abroad or you’re interested in gaining more qualifications, we’re happy to make arrangements for you to go on a sabbatical.

Job sharing

Even more flexibility at work

Interested in even more flexible working arrangements? Management positions can also be shared with a colleague. Simply divide up tasks, responsibilities, and working hours among yourselves.

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