Personal development

High performance – also when it comes to personal development

We challenge you, but we also support you. So we’ll always help you in every way we can if you want to move forward – not just in personal terms but also when it comes to professional know-how. Because for us, it’s not just getting you off to a good start that counts, all aspects of your personal development at Mercedes-AMG matter.


We support you from day one

We’re there to help you – from the very beginning. We take care of your onboarding process, also supporting you during your first months as you start to expand horizons and get to know our products and innovations. In addition, we help you build a network of contacts.

Coachings sessions

Playing to your strengths

By working together, we can help you move forward in your career. Coaching sessions are a useful opportunity to reflect on your potential together, define your key strengths, and work out the different things you still need to learn. This empowers you to work on any personal goals you have set for yourself and develop in the areas that matter most.

Mentoring program

Always here to help you

We make it as easy as possible for you to start your new job. Which is why you’re offered a mentoring program to support you with the first steps of your journey with us. Whether you’re fresh out of university or joining us as a manager – your mentor is always there to help you.

Talent management

We foster and build on your potential

Not only do we determine where your strengths lie, we also help you to take them to the next level. This is one of our key areas of focus on our talent management program. Which is why we conduct a professional assessment of your performance and potential, as a basis for planning further development measures for you.

Training and staff development

We’ll help you unleash your full potential

To offer you the best possible support with your personal development, we offer you a choice of training courses and staff development options. Whether your priority is more of a personal nature, for professional reasons, or about learning new methods and techniques – we’ll identify the right training for you.

The Mercedes-AMG women’s network

Doing more to support and develop others

The advancement of women’s interests is a particular priority at Mercedes-AMG. Which is why we offer you support and development options in the areas that matter most. Whether it’s about sharing ideas with others or organizing lectures, workshops, and meet-ups. Our overarching goal is to provide each other with mutual support.

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