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Our high-performance race cars are – without question – the flagship products of our brand. So obviously we place a great deal of emphasis on development and production. Right? Well actually, not always. For us, it’s the big picture that matters – across all areas. Because we know that without one department, the others won’t be able to work properly. Which is why HR, Legal, IT, and Finance & Controlling are among the most important departmental functions for our brand. Without them, the overall AMG experience would not come to life.


In IT, you gain first-hand exposure to everything relating to the technical development of a high-performance brand. It’s here that we ensure everyone at the company is armed with the best possible software solutions. We’re also responsible for developing and equipping solutions and technical systems with all the right tools to perfect and produce our vehicles. The AMG IT department is an indispensable part of our company. One thing we all have in common is a drive to equip Mercedes-AMG with technology that will deliver top performance on all fronts. When it comes to technical developments – and other things – we always keep our finger on the pulse of modern trends. Interested in the technical challenges that make our everyday work so stimulating?

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Finance & Controlling

In Finance & Controlling, our focus lies on the factors that drive the profitability and cost-effectiveness of a global brand – from planning to management and financial controls, spanning all areas of the business, including export controls. We keep a close eye on the overall financial performance of Mercedes-AMG.

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Mercedes-AMG is a thriving company because it’s run by highly motivated people – teams fueled by know-how, experience, and a sense of ambition every day. Our people are the heartbeat of this company and our most powerful source of energy. In combination with our HR department, they will remain a powerful source of inspiration in the future. By finding new people to drive the company – with the same AMG DNA – by running recruitment campaigns, by offering day-to-day HR support, and by keeping the wheels of admin running smoothly. It’s here that a strong team comes together.

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We're the ones people turn to for all topics of a legal nature. Whether it’s about drafting contracts, legal issues in sales or marketing, or product safety. In the Legal department, we provide support and a sense of security to management and the business units. Although it’s about more than just legal advice. Interested in hearing about the many challenges that await you in this area?

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“The thing that makes AMG special is the unique company culture – genuine, bold, and ingenious.”
Milena, HR and Organisation
“The thing that makes AMG special is that every day, we develop masterpieces with heart and soul that give you goosebumps.”
Stephan, Executive management
“The AMG Spirit is about the desire to go one step further.”
Jan-Christoph, Commercial Department
“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about AMG is that it’s the best of both worlds – an innovative and dynamic medium-sized company with the Mercedes-Benz Group in the background.”
Frank, Commercial Department
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